Wire Easel

The wire easel or florist wire easel, This type florist wire coat to Green baking paint, never to be shed .like to bright and nice . our company can manufacturing: and supply the wire Dia. 3.5mm to 8.5mm, the hight 18" to 72 ", this florist wire easel used to display the flowers ,very Very popular in party and Grand festival days ,our prouducts export the USA .Canada ,we have greatest reputation in our fcustomer.

Wire Easel (Dia:3.5mm),       24" Tall (11.5"Wide), 0.313 Lb. (Green),
WIRE EASEL (Dia: 2.65mm),  18" tall  (8.75"wide) , / 0.187 LB. (Green);
WIRE EASEL (Dia: 4.3mm),   30" tall  (14"wide) , / 0.563 LB. (Green)
WIRE EASEL (Dia: 4.8mm),   36" tall  (18.25"wide) , / 0.875 LB. (Green)
WIRE EASEL (Dia: 5.3mm),   42" tall  (19.25"wide) , / 1.25 LB.  (Green)
WIRE EASEL (Dia: 5.5mm),   48" tall  (22.25"wide) , / 1.625 LB. (Green)
WIRE EASEL (Dia: 5.8mm),   54" tall  (24"wide) , / 2.062 LB.  (Green);
Wire Easel (Dia:6.3mm),       60" Tall(26.25"Wide),2.562 Lb. (Green),
Wire Easel (Dia:7.5mm),       66" Tall. (34" Wide) 3.715 Lb. (Green),
Wire Easel (Dia:8.5mm),       72" Tall (34.5" Wide),4.713 Lb. (Green),

Eg:Wire Dia. 5.5mm, 18" hight, 22.25" width, 1.625/LBs, 25 pcs/case, 5 Cases / Carton,

We can accept different packing accord to customers' requirements .

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